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Arch Rock

Discover Arch Rock: A Natural Wonder in Keurboomstrand

Embark on a family-friendly adventure along the serene coastal path of Keurboomstrand to unveil the captivating Arch Rock, a remarkable beachfront formation also known as Cathedral Rock. The trail takes you to this majestic rock arch, resembling a cathedral portal with its intricate rose window.

As you traverse the picturesque path, the rhythmic sounds of ocean waves accompany your journey, lapping against the base of this natural wonder. Arch Rock, once holding spiritual significance for indigenous people, now stands as a testament to the area’s rich history. Capture the essence of this awe-inspiring structure, framed against the changing hues of the sky during the mesmerizing sunset.

The trail offers more than just a view of the arch; it immerses you in nature’s adornments. Marvel at plants and flowers hanging gracefully from the rocks above, creating a captivating backdrop. Step inside the expansive rock opening, a perfect setting for photographs, and experience the sheer vastness of this geological marvel.

Timing your visit at low tide ensures an easy beach path to the arch, while a higher trail through coastal vegetation provides access during high tide. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins in the ocean, enhancing your coastal experience. From the arch’s vantage point, admire the scenic views of the Robberg Peninsula and the twinkling lights of Plettenberg Bay communities along the shoreline.

Arch Rock invites you to extend your stay with a picnic against its stunning backdrop, creating cherished moments with friends and family. A charming rock pool beside the arch offers a refreshing retreat.

Summers bring lifeguards to patrol the main beach, ensuring a safe environment for family swimming. Take advantage of the amenities near the parking lot, including showers and restaurants, enhancing your overall beach experience.

Officially named Cathedral Rock, the site holds historical significance as a sacred space for indigenous people millennia ago, possibly symbolizing themes of birth and spirituality. Further enrich your exploration by ascending to the Matjes River Rock Shelter, offering panoramic views of the coastline and delving into its archaeological importance, housing ancient skeletons.

Located within the Annex Arch Rock Private Nature Reserve, Arch Rock is approximately 4 miles east of central Keurboomstrand. A leisurely 30-minute walk east from the main beach’s parking lot unveils this geological marvel next to the Matjes River. Explore nearby attractions, including the Birds of Eden sanctuary, Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Elephant Sanctuary, to create a comprehensive journey through the wonders of Keurboomstrand.

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